About us

Our mission

Our company was created to offer value to our patients by delivering a world-class Service and products that are noninvasive methods for relieving pain and helping in injury recovery.


Our values

Mak-Shur Diagnostic dba Relief Medical was Founded in 1998 by Barron Cheek. Specializing in Electrotherapy

“We carry on the beliefs and tradition of what Barron started over 20 yrs ago in the memory of Maria Granda. “


A supplier you can depend on. 

Here at Relief Medical we are dedicated to providing a seamless experience for patients and providers. Our expert staff will make sure that all supplies arrive timely, packaged with care, and appeal on any denial. 

How it works

Our pads are custom made to streamline the recovery process. No more wondering when you need to switch from EMS to TENS, the Relief Combo handles the currents for you. This way your recovery will be as seamless as possible.

We created the perfect
tailored solution for you

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We pride ourselves in our faith and our patients.