The Relief Combo

  • Dual channel (4 lead) Digital Combo TENS/EMS Stimulator
  • Relieves muscle tension and pain
  • Improves flexibility and circulation
  • Relieves variety of pain
  • Soothing messages with multiple settings
  • Maximize your pain reductions and muscle stimulation with 3 therapy modes
    • Therapy 1- TENS/EMS Combo
      • The TENS/EMS combo two proven treatments in one. 
      • 1- TENS (22 Minutes) is used for pain by overriding the pain signal to the brain leading to ache and pain relief. 
      • 2- EMS (23 Minutes) is for stimulating, building, re-educating muscle, and cosmetic toning uses.
    • Therapy 2- TENS only
    • Therapy 3 EMS only

Technical Specifications


Relief Combo

ChannelsDual (2)
OutputMaximum 120 mA
Pulse WidthAdjustable from 50 μ to 400 μS
Pulse Rate

Adjustable from 1 Hz 150 Hz 

WaveformSymmetrical Bi-phasic rectangular and Monophasic rectangular
TimerContinuous or 10 minutes - 90 minutes

Back Brace

Neoprene panel concentrates therapeutic heat over the lumbar sacral area. Two moveable electroconductive pads on inner surface allow specific placement for a more effective treatment. 

Wrist Brace

Easy wrap around design allows the user to balance compression and comfort via hook and loop closure system. Electrostimulation is delivered to strategically positioned conductive fabric, universal sizing fits right or left hand

Knee Brace

The wrap around design anchors at the patella and fully encircles the knee joint. Strategic position of conductive fabric provides electrostimulation. Easy adjustment assures proper compression. Ongoing therapeutic heat aids in reducing edema.

Thigh Brace

Wrap around design ensures easy application. Hook and loop fasteners enable user to adjust compression level for their comfort while neoprene provides ongoing therapeutic heat retention and increased circulation. 

Elbow Brace

Universal fit design provides adjustable compression, therapeutic heat retention, and electrostimulation to the upper forearm, elbow joint, lower bicep, and triceps. 

Should Garment Support

Each shoulder garment includes a large conductive area that eliminates the guesswork experienced with placing electrodes, for a maximum therapeutic effect. Patients can be treated with the shoulder garment support at the clinic, home, or work while connected to various electrostimulation devices. 

Ankle Brace

Compression and stimulation to the ankle joint is easily accomplished with this wrap-around design. Fits either left or right. 


The menthol and aloe within the Biofreeze penetrates the skin and instantly starts the cooling process to ease the pain in your joints and muscles. 

  • Propylene glycol- free 
  • Colorless
  • Dye-free
  • No parabens or NSAIDs 
  • Greaseless, non-staining with vanishing scent