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Redefine the standard of care

We specialize in our EMS and TENS unit, the Relief Combo. We provide all the equipment needed; this includes the conductive garment for the specific area, electrodes, bio-freeze, and the Relief Combo. What separates us from the competitors is that the Relief Combo automatically switches between EMS and TENS.

Under Federal Law, the carrier can substitute brands but not technology. Relief Medical has been enhancing practices, the standard of care, and providing ancillary income for over 20 years.
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Who's a candidate?

Per FDA guidelines, any patient with a musculoskeletal injury is a candidate. The program is specific to worker's compensation and auto insurance. 

The program is NOT for major medical currently.

We specialize in Auto and Worker's Compensation cases nationwide.


Our electro-medical therapy allows physicians to provide a higher standard of care to their patients, thereby increasing patient referrals, and boost office revenue. Both chronic and acute pain patients can benefit from the Relief Combo. Our program acts as an extension of your care. Relief Medical helps you better treat your patients while increasing office revenue. 

Relief Medical provides you with a portable electro-medical device to add to your treatment arsenal. The affiliation allows our doctors to:

  • Generate additional revenue with no contract.
  • Extend their care when patients are unable to come into the office.
  • Increase patient satisfaction, thereby increasing retention and future referrals. 

What does Relief medical do for you?

Full Service Agent

Relief Medical handles almost all aspects of the process. Upon receiving the prescription our team will handle the rest. This includes: furnishing the unit, shipping, billing, and patient support.    


All payments are remitted on the 1st working day of the following month with an itemized report. If a denial is presented we will automatically appeal it and a notification will be sent. We are able to overturn about 40% of all denials. 

Patient Support

Our team of experts answer all inquiries made by patients regarding their equipment should any complications arise. 

Supplied and shipped

Our staff ensures that each package is carefully packed for every patient. All patients are placed in groups based on when they need their supplies for the month. 

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What your office does

We offer a simplified prescription, for medical necessity, so that you can check off items in the middle column, have the doctor sign, and fax over the patient's stat sheet. The prescription is for 12 months. When the prescription expires; we will fax to your office a Renewal, for you to complete and send to us so that the patient can continue to receive their supplies. We will only send the renewal if the case is still active. 

Step 1

Identify a patient that may benefit from electrical therapy.

Step 2

Please fill out the prescription form we provide you for medical necessity.

We deal with insurance companies and all reimbursement issues.

Step 3

After verifying patients benefits we will notify your office. We will ship all electrotherapy items prescribed directly to the patient.

We will take care of the rest!

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